RESNET develops & integrates systems for practical field application, driven by real needs & client requests: one example of this is REALPRO, which finally solves the "Tower of Babel" problem in data handling, from acquisition through analysis to convenient accessible storage, for ALL E&P applications (whether geophysical, drilling, reservoir, stimulation or production) in PRACTICAL field-oriented systems The FIELDPRO suite of software capabilities includes modules for individual applications, covering Geology (G/O-PRO, FINDPRO), Reservoir (MAXPRO, RESPRO), Drilling & Completions (TOOLPRO, CEMENTPRO), Stimulation (FRACPRO/STIMPRO), Production (PORPRO) & Optimization (ECOPRO). FIELDPRO dominant features: 1)Field-Orientation, e.g. for operations personnel use on-site, real-time; 2)Real-Data options allow true optimisation: design, through real-time and post-job analysis & reporting; 3)Integration accross relevant disciplines, with useful transparent (REALPRO) data-handling throughout. FIELDPRO emphasis, like that of FRACPRO before it (1980s-90s), is on efficiency, cost-savings, well performance AND overall optimisation of projects, based on proper timely use of REAL USEFUL data: interactive participation of (all) operating & service-company personnel is the key to success. Many other companies TALK about such integration & efficiency: RESNET is already PROVIDING it. FIELDPRO also serves to make existing capabilities more USEFUL: by facilitating data-transfer AND allowing more worthwhile use of existing software (including 3rd party & in-house developments), major investments made, especially by some larger companies, will begin to pay off (much better). RESNET personnel have been serving 1000s of clients around the world for two decades, supporting successul rationalisation of activities & making decisions where they count: ON-SITE, REAL-TIME. RESNET does not offer or sell ancillary services or tools: our primary business objective is to equip operating personnel of operating companies (& associated service or consulting personnel) to perform essential tasks properly, effectively & quickly: unlike others, payments to us do NOT escalate. RESNET's strategy is therefore untypical of this industry: we bring low-cost high-performance technology & know-how to the many 100s of companies who could not afford high-cost (often poor quality) alternatives, bringing down average costs as we grow quickly our community of users. Eventually, we believe, larger companies (most mired in "spaghetti software") will follow & industry will converge on OPEN USEFUL interactive methods for effectively & profitably conducting their business. On this page, we will post information about our products and services. For a more detailed description &/or demonstrations of our capabilities, clients &/or consulting activities, please contact us at FOLLOWING ARE MAINLY GENERAL VERBAL DESCRIPTIONS OF OUR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS WE CAN SUPPLY POWERPOINT (+OTHER MORE COLOURFUL) ILLUSTRATED DESCRIPTIONS MOST IMPORTANT, SERIOUS (POTENTIAL) CLIENTS CAN REQUEST VISITS & DEMOS ANYTIME Please contact if you would like detailed descriptions or demos of our capabilities